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aba therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a widely researched and evidence-based practice, uses concepts that are familiar (such as reinforcement, prompting, generalizing) in systematic ways to teach skills and to replace problem behaviors with more appropriate ones.

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Adult Services

The number of adults with autism is rapidly increasing. Each of these individuals has unique strengths and challenges. Our goal is to continue to develop services that will assist in expanding the potential of this population and to shape policies that will fund these services.

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When children with autism gain prerequisite skills, classroom placement is the next step in maximizing their potential. Project HOPE Foundation provides a number of classroom options servicing students from 3 years old - high school, both typical learners and students on the autism spectrum.

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Family Support

Autism doesn't just affect the child who has the diagnosis. Autism changes everything for the entire family. Project HOPE Foundation provides service to improve the quality of family life by offering opportunities to develop plans, connect with resources, gain training, and receive ongoing support.

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social groups

Difficulty in social interaction is one of the defining characteristics of autism. Not surprisingly, many people with autism struggle to engage effectively in social situations. However, like other skills, social interaction can be taught and practiced. Project HOPE Foundation offers a variety of social groups for children, teens, and young adults.

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At Project HOPE Foundation, we believe that quality training empowers people Using the same Applied Behavior Analysis principles that guide our therapeutic and education models, we present trainings that go above-and-beyond bare essentials. We provide autism-related training for parents, staff, clients, and the community.