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Helping Families

Helping Families

Hope Link is a program of Project HOPE Foundation designed to help families deal with the challenges of autism by providing information about autism spectrum disorders, including symptoms, therapies, interventions, services, funding options, and coping skills.  Since 1997, Project HOPE Foundation has assisted over 1,000 of these families by providing them with hands-on attention.

Hope Link helps families become empowered as they:

  • Learn about the general principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), observe sessions of ABA, and gain information about the funding possibilities for ABA
  • Observe inclusion-based classrooms in which children with autism are successfully learning side-by-side with typical classmates
  • Access local support resources and services
  • Discuss dietary interventions and actually go shopping with someone knowledgeable about implementing these diets
  • Spend time with experienced parents and professionals in developing strategies for real life issues

Hope Link has released a DVD, Understanding Autism: A Resource for Families, Pediatricians, and Caregivers, to broaden the scope of its services.