Getting Started

If you are interested in receiving ABA therapy from Hope Reach, please fill out the Hope Reach ABA Interest Form and you will be notified when we have an opening to provide services for your child.  Our waiting list for services is dependent on funding and availability rather than a numbering system. 

Once we have a team available to start services, you will be schedule for an intake meeting.  The intake meeting is the time to have your clinical questions answered. The clinical director will conduct a brief skills assessment and behavior analysis with your child and will walk you through a questionnaire. Billing and funding will be discussed during this meeting as well. The meeting usually lasts about 3 hours. Your child will need to be present at this meeting.

At the end of the meeting, we will give you an information sheet detailing what needs to take place before therapy hours can begin. It will likely take about 2 months before a trained team is ready to begin services.

After the intake meeting has taken place, any necessary assessments can be performed. The assessment requirements vary based on your funding source. During this time, your child will be assigned a supervisor, lead therapists, and line therapists. Services can begin once all assessments have been submitted, all necessary authorizations have come to our office, and your team is ready.