The Admission Process

Thank you for your interest in Bridging the Gap!  The application process for students is outlined below.  The first step in the process is to fill out the HOPE Services Application.  Registration for current BTG students and current Hope Reach clients begins February 1st.  Open registration for new students starts March 1st.  Please note that we continue to fill slots until each grade level is full, even if the school year has started.  Please contact the BTG Administrative Assistant at (864) 501-0778 with any questions related to enrollment, tuition, scholarships, or paperwork.

Tours are scheduled throughout the year for parents to come see our classrooms and learn more about the BTG philosophy.  To schedule a tour, please contact the BTG Administrative Assistant at (864) 676-0028 option *.  Tours are scheduled on weekday mornings at 9:15am based on availability.

Step 1 - Complete the Application

Bridging the Gap is a program of Project HOPE Foundation that works in conjunction with Hope Academy and Hope Reach.  Hope Reach and BTG classrooms follow the same guidelines for admissions. Click for the HOPE Services Application here.

Step 2 - Complete the Client Information Questionnaire

Applicants will be contacted by our intake coordinator and asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire providing Hope Staff with an overview of your child's skills and specific needs.

Step 3 - Complete a Prospective Client Evaluation Session

Parents and child will meet with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to determine the best placement for your child.  Overview of available services and expectations for school placement and / or therapy will be covered within this meeting.  There is an administrative fee of $125 for this evaluation session.

Steps 1 - 3 are required for all applicants, including potential Hope Reach clients, and must be completed before your child can be considered for a placement in a BTG classroom.

Step 4 - Accept or Decline Recommended Placement

An official recommendation for placement will be offered to parents after completion of the Prospective Client Evaluation Session.  If the recommendation is accepted, prospective clients will be placed on the waiting list for their specific placement and given a numerical number and tentative wait time for services.

Step 5 - Service Placement

Once a slot is available for the recommended placement, parents will be notified and given final steps to begin services.  For all BTG classes, there is a supply fee due by the first day of school ($85 for half day classes and $110 for full day classes).  Classroom placements will not be confirmed until this step is completed.