Stella Lantz

I started working at Project HOPE Foundation in July 2013 and was first introduced to the Bridging the Gap program as a shadow in the Preschool class. My ABA experience has come through Hope Reach, but I've always worked with children in various settings and consider this my dream job!

I became the BTG Preschool Assistant Teacher in the summer of 2014, and moved to Senior Teacher for BTG Preschool in 2015. I also transitioned to a Senior Therapist role for Hope Reach summer of 2015.

My goal is to create a fun, positive, and welcoming environment where kids want to be and where learning feels like play. The classroom setting is so unique and I enjoy having the ability to interact with several children at once while teaching skills on multiple levels. I strive to meet each child at their level and work with them to literally “bridge the gap” to their next success. It’s always a rewarding experience to see both kids and parents thrilled with progress, no matter how small.

Degree: B.S. in Family & Consumer Science (2012) from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC

Hobbies: home decorating, shopping, getting ideas from Pinterest, enjoying spending time with my husband & cat, and coffee.