Spartanburg Herald Journal: Cadence’s journey

Cadence’s journey: How therapy and adaptability gave one family hope

Connie Post still has to stop and take a deep breath to steady herself before sharing the story of her lowest day as a mom.

Her then-11-year-old daughter, Cadence, who was diagnosed with autism at 3, had been having a difficult time in school, and her teachers had asked Post to come in for a meeting.

“I knew that she was struggling, and I was hoping they were going to help walk me through options,” Post said. “She’d been moved to the high school and she just wasn’t handling that transition well at all.”

Post was crushed when teachers told her it might be best to consider placing Cadence in a residential institution, which would have meant moving the girl to a facility hours away from the family’s Spartanburg County home.

The news was a gut-wrenching blow that sent Post home in a daze. She saw it as a turning point, one that meant there was little hope her daughter could ever live a normal life.