Just a Minute

Sometimes you are minding your own business, when a split second encounter sneaks up and threatens to knock you off balance. Two pretty girls, shopping at the grocery store before heading off to college, catch a glimpse of your handsome 21-year-old son. At that moment, he is standing still and straight – not walking in his signature jerky gait, elbows flapping at his side … not biting the back of his arm in frustration because he can’t verbalize the thoughts in his head … not flicking his wrists back and forth in rapid-fire motion. For that moment, those two girls see him as a potential date, a potential boyfriend, a potential husband. And just for that moment, an entire parallel life for him flashes before your eyes.  

He starts walking; they realize the situation; and you scramble to regain your balance.  

Moment over. Ever onward!