Conversations with Colby

I had an amazing conversation yesterday with Colby, who is closing in on his 20th birthday.

We were on a Saturday afternoon drive, a favorite pastime of his. As with many on the autism spectrum, Colby struggles with language. His preference is that we remain silent during our rides. He reminds me of this preference by firmly clamping his hands over his ears whenever I get chatty with him.

But out of nowhere, Colby gave me two back-to-back sentences.
“Flock of birds” - while pointing to the sky to show me the hundreds flying overhead. “I hear drum” – while pointing to the radio.

He was not asking for anything with those words. He was simply offering the opportunity to share in what he was seeing and hearing.

What a gift that his pleasure in an experience can, at least occasionally, now be magnified by sharing it with someone else!