New Life Skills House in Woodruff

Project HOPE Foundation now has access to a residential house located adjacent to the Hope Reach Clinic in Woodruff, SC.  

This house will serve as a “real life” setting for teaching important life skills to individuals with autism, starting with our Hope Alive Junior class.

An important step in the transformation of the Life Skills House was to replace the flooring in the kitchen, den, and hall. Celanese stepped in with a group of superhero volunteers who gave a whole new look to the place! We are truly grateful to each member of the Celanese volunteer work crew: Ron Caldwell, Bernard Jefferson, Dwayne Knight, Josh Kuechenberg, Willie Lattimore,Owen Osteen, Roger Pruitt, Jason Senn, Mark Spencer,Elise Swanson, David Teague, and Jeff Wood.

If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact Dawn Clayman via email.