More Car Talk

“Cars behind,” declares Colby as he peers into the side mirror of our Dodge Magnum on our nightly drive, and I nearly let go of the steering wheel to clap for joy while cheering, “Yahoo for you!!”

That statement is the culmination of years of work to gain an array of skills:

· He is paying attention to his environment, noticing what is going on in the outside world.
· He is making a comment, engaging in conversation for its own sake rather than simply communicating a need.
· He is using a preposition, one of those tricky word types that make only rare appearances in Colby’s language.

Always hoping to push him a little more, to lengthen our brief conversations, I counter with a question meant to elicit a few more words: “Colby, HOW do you know that cars are behind us?”

His answer is pure Colby: “Window ears!!”

Yet again Colby has forever changed my world view. Side mirrors will now always make me smile.