So much to learn...

Since his diagnosis of autism in June 1996, my son, Colby, has worked nearly 40 hours a week to aquire skills that come naturally to most children.  At the age of 15, he has made tremendous gains, but language remains difficult.  He often strings words together in ways that make sense only to him:  "Dog over white big no hungry on fast."

So much to teach...

Last week, I was quizzing him in "Name that Category" cards.  I held up picture cards with three items on each one.

"Apple, banana, and grapes are ...." I started, and Colby quickly responded, "fruit."

I followed with "Hammer, screwdriver, and saw are ..." and he answered, "tools." 

My next card was "A cloud, rainbow, and sun are ...."  Colby's instant response made me stop my rapid-fire drilling.

"Beautiful," he said.

So much to learn...

Cards printed permission of Super Duper Inc. ©2009