Mark Knight, BCBA


Mark graduated with honors from Woodruff High School in 1994.  He graduated from Wofford College in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  After college, Mark moved to North Carolina where he attended the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.  He received his Master’s in Counselor Education in 2002 from UNCG.  Mark became a National Certified Counselor in 2003.  He completed additional graduate coursework from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2006 in Behavior Analysis and is currently a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.


Mark started working with children with autism in 1996 as a line therapist.  He worked part-time with several families in the Greenville and Spartanburg area during the school year and full time with them during the summer months.  In 1997, Mark worked at Hope Academy as a preschool shadow aid.  He took a Psychology in the Community course at Wofford College his senior year.  During that time, he volunteered in local group homes with adult men diagnosed with autism.  After his experiences with both children and adults affected by autism, Mark felt led to pursue further education and experience in the field.

In June of 1998, Mark moved to Greensboro, North Carolina to take a position with the Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Inc. (“C.A.R.D.”) as a senior therapist.  Mark worked as a senior therapist for six months.  In November of 1998, Mark attended C.A.R.D.’s Supervisor Training in Woodland Hills, California.   As a supervisor, Mark worked directly with families developing and implementing behavior intervention plans and educational goals.  Mark worked in the Greensboro C.A.R.D. clinic for five years.  During that time, he worked directly with children and their parents, trained employees and other professionals, spoke at conferences, and developed curriculum.

In 2003, Mark relocated to southern California where he was promoted to Senior Clinical Supervisor with C.A.R.D.   Mark again worked directly with clients providing supervision to school districts, regional centers and other agencies.  During his time as a Supervisor with C.A.R.D., Mark traveled extensively to England and Canada to set up behavior intervention programs in home and school settings. In 2005, Mark returned to Spartanburg to be closer to family.  He continued to work with C.A.R.D., seeing patients locally as well as traveling to Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee.  Throughout his professional career, Mark kept close ties to Lisa Lane and Susan Sachs, as these parents provided the building blocks to his ABA career and the passion for helping each child with autism reach his or her maximum potential.

In June of 2007, Mark joined Project HOPE Foundation as the Program Director/Clinical Supervisor of Hope Reach. His dream, through Project HOPE, is that all children who need ABA programming will receive this intervention despite their family’s socio-economic standing.  His vision is that children in South Carolina will be able to access top quality ABA programs, either with state funding, school district partnerships, grants, insurance reimbursements, scholarships, or other resources.

Professional Affiliations

  • North Carolina Association for Behavior Analysis
  • Autism Society of South Carolina


Mark says that the children he serves inspire him.  He feels called into this line of work and believes that treating a child with autism or a related disability includes ministering to the entire family.  Autism is a pervasive disorder and affects every aspect of the family unit.


Mark is an active member in his church, First Baptist of Spartanburg. He enjoys singing in the choir and on the praise team.  He loves to play golf (however infrequently that actually happens) and spends most of his free time with his wife and three children.