How It Works

As our every-growing population on the autism spectrum grows older, the issue of post-school programs becomes increasingly critical. How do we locate potential employment opportunities that match the skills of these individuals on the autism spectrum and provide incentives to employers to hire them? How do we effectively train and support this population so that they can become competitive members of the work force?

Our answer is Project Fulfillment, an innovative but simple approach to this problem: the use of a staffing company coupled with an ABA service provider.

By its very nature, a staffing company broadens the base of potential jobs through its corporate contacts and job specifications. Additionally, a staffing company relieves the employer of the time and expense of advertising, interviewing, training, and payroll processing. A staffing company increases flexibility, allowing job-sharing by employees who are not yet able to work for extended hours. It decreases the employer’s risk, providing opportunities to gauge the viability of employment without committing to permanent employment.

The effective use of applied behavior analysis therapy (ABA) with the autism community is well documented. Behavioral principles are easily transferrable to teaching work skills and supporting job placement. Individuals who are Board Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA) professionals can perform task analyses to determine the steps that must be taught, design the process for teaching the requisite skills, and develop plans to assure appropriate behaviors. ABA therapists can serve effectively as on-site job coaches.

Project Fulfillment is a collaboration among:

  • HKA Enterprises Inc. (HKA) – an international staffing company servicing employers nationwide, across a wide range of work experiences, with a longstanding relationship with Project HOPE Foundation. HKA will:
    1. - provide introductions to employers,
    1. - payroll Big Brain Staffing, and
    1. - offer incentives to its current customers who participate in this project .
  • Big Brain Staffing  – a newly formed for-profit staffing company, focusing on individuals across the autism spectrum. As the the staffing agency for this population, Big Brain Staffing will:
    1. - review job specifications,
    1. - oversee job-specific training to individuals on the autism spectrum, and
    1. - serve as the Human Relations interface with employers.
  • Project HOPE Foundation – a nonprofit provider of services (ABA therapy, inclusion-based education, behavior supports, etc.) for individuals on the autism spectrum, from diagnosis through adulthood. Project HOPE Foundation will:
    1. - assess potential employees on the autism spectrum to identify interest and skills,
    1. - assist Big Brain Staffing in developing the autism-specific components of training employees,
    1. - provide onsite job coaches, and
    1. - deliver employer training for successful interaction with employees with ASD.

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