Bridging the Gap Middle School Classroom

The BTG middle school program is designed for students between the ages of 11-14 who require more intensive practice of classroom skills, but benefit from learning in a group setting. The BTG model includes the use of applied behavior analysis (ABA) principles and a classroom setup modeled after a mainstream middle school classroom. Teachers work together to increase attention during group instruction, with one teacher leading a group lesson and the other serving as a shadow. Students also receive individualized small group instruction for their core academic subjects.

BTG classrooms are set up with a 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio. The BTG program has a mix of certified teachers and Registered Behavior Technicians, all of whom receive extensive training on the principles of behavior and classroom management.  Students are placed in classrooms based on a variety of factors, including social and academic skills.  A consistent curriculum across classrooms allows teachers to individualize goals and meet students at their individual level. 

BTG Middle School allows students to make academic, social, and behavioral gains by utilizing a fast-paced, fun environment.  The Middle School program also utilizes an extended school day (8:15am-4:30pm) to target functional life skills such as cooking, money management, daily chores, and self-care.  Students are able to participate in weekly community outings where they are able to practice skills such as ordering food at a restaurant, shopping for specific items, exchanging money, and manners.  This class is unique in it's blended instruction of academic, social, behavioral, and life skills.

BTG Middle School Weekly Schedule

BTG Middle School Weekly Schedule

Co-Teacher, Ms. Mindy

Mindy was excited to join the Bridging the Gap Middle School team in June 2016! She taught special education in Spartanburg for 11 years. She began her career teaching in Georgia, where she taught for two years. While teaching, she found her passion was working with students who are on the autism spectrum as well as implementing behavioral strategies that are effective in the classroom. After visiting the BTG Middle School class, she knew this was the perfect place to call her second home!

Mindy is originally from Griffin, GA, she has a wonderful husband who also teaches special education, and they have three dogs named Gurley, Maggie, and Dooley. They love football, especially the Georgia Bulldogs. Go Dawgs!

She looks forward to teaching and loving your children!

Co-Teacher, Mr. Jacob

Jacob joined the Hope Reach staff in January of 2015, after 6 years of work with children on the Autism Spectrum. He began his ABA training with the Early Autism Project in 2008 and spent 3 years doing one on one ABA therapy for children in the Fort Mill and Clover areas of South Carolina. He also spent 4 years working with Turning Point Services, teaching functional and vocational skills to teenagers and young adults on the spectrum, and 2 years in the South Carolina public school system, as a shadow and an ABA therapist. Jacob joined the BTG team in June of 2015 as a Middle School Co-Teacher.  He brings a great deal of experience and excitement to the classroom!

Jacob’s favorite part about working for Project HOPE is the opportunity to merge his passions for ABA and functional/vocational teaching. In the Bridging the Gap classroom, he gets the chance to teach academic as well as life skills in order to give his students a leg up for their future.

Assistant Teacher, Ms. Jordan

Jordan began working for Project Hope Foundation in 2014 and served as a shadow in the Middle School classroom for a year and a half before accepting a teaching position in 2016. 

She has been passionate about working with children and being involved in education for children on the autism spectrum ever since her younger sister was diagnosed with autism over 10 years ago. Project Hope, Hope Academy and Bridging the Gap did wonders for her sister's growth both socially and academically and she is so excited to now be a part of a company that offers so many opportunities for kids. 
She is looking forward to getting to watch her students learn, grow and succeed in the Middle School class! 

Hobbies: Skydiving, Yoga, Traveling, Dancing and Hiking.