Bridging the Gap First Grade Classroom

The BTG first grade classroom is designed for children 6-7 years old (age as of September 1) who will benefit from an intensive classroom experience. The principles of ABA are used to prepare children for future classroom placements, by teaching skills such as choral responding, following group instructions, following conditional instructions, and transitioning appropriately.  BTG classrooms also participate in regular field trips to community locations throughout the year.

The focus of the BTG First Grade Classroom is to continue the foundation of group and social skills established in Kindergarten, while expanding those skills to include consistency with classroom routines and academic performance.  The hours for BTG 1st Grade are 8:15am-1:00pm.

Stemming from a traditional one-on-one ABA setup, children are taught to respond within different student-to-teacher ratios, teaching styles, and classroom environments. This process generalizes skills learned in traditional one-on-one ABA therapy to a group environment and teaches students how to learn in a group setting. BTG places a large emphasis on improving adaptive and self-regulation skills to reduce the occurrence of potentially disruptive behaviors.

BTG 1st Grade Weekly Schedule

BTG 1st Grade Weekly Schedule

Lead Teacher, Ms. Caroline

My name is Caroline Worthy. I am so excited to be the lead teacher for our first grade Bridging the Gap class! I have been working at Hope since 2014 and I started my teaching position at the beginning of summer 2015.

I grew up in Greenville and graduated from the University of South Carolina with a BA in Psychology. Working with children is my passion and my students always make my day!

When I'm not teaching, I love spending time with my family and friends, playing with my dog (a yellow Lab mix named Charlie), reading, and volunteering as a Guardian ad Litem.

Assistant Teacher, Ms. Kayla

Kayla joined the BTG team as an assistant teacher for the first grade BTG class in December 2016.  She started working at Hope in June of 2015 and has worked as both a Line and Senior Therapist. 

Kayla grew up in the Greenville area.  She graduated from Converse College with a bachelor of arts degree in psychology.  Kayla loves seeing the children grow and learn. 

Some of her hobbies include spending time with friends and family, rock climbing, playing with her dog, and baking.